Quick Presentation
I'm a Software Engineer currently working at kikin in New York City.
I was born and grew up under the warm sun of Guadeloupe (a French island in the Caribbean). I studied Information Technology and Management at EFREI in Paris for 5 years and graduated in 2008. Worked in Paris, London, San Francisco before ending up in New York where I've been working for the last 3 years.

A few details on a map
Guadeloupe, FR
  • July 26, 1895
    Born in Saint Claude
  • September 1993 to July 2003
    Studied at Pensionnat de Versailles
Paris, FR
  • September 2003 to October 2008
    Studied at EFREI
  • April 2006 to September 2007
    Worked at SepEFREI
  • April 2007 to August 2007
    Worked at Infotel
  • November 2008 to May 2009
    Worked at ScreenToaster
San Francisco, USA
  • May 2009 to April 2010
    Worked at Veodia
New York, USA
  • April 2010 to Now
    Working at Kikin
Taipei, TW
  • September 2012, April 2013
    Worked with HTC
Shanghai, CN
  • July 2012
    Worked with Lenovo
London, UK
  • September 2005 to December 2005
    Studied at UCL
  • October 2005 to December 2005
    Worked at Rila

Where to find me on the web
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Times Square, Manhattan
New York, NY, USA
Email: ludovic.cabre@gmail.com
Birth date: July 26 1985
Nationality: French
Visa: H1B (until October 2015)
Download: PDF, DOC
C, C++, Objective C, Java, JavaScript, PHP, C#, iOS, Android, OpenGL, WebGL, HTML, CSS.
MySQL, PostgreSQL.
Operating Systems
Windows, Mac and Linux
English (Fluent), French (Mother tongue).
Soft Skills
Teamwork, Creative Thinking, Fast Learner.
Work Experience
April 2014 to
Knewton, New York, USA (www.knewton.com)
Senior Software Engineer: Build and launch a world changing product, that will allow a student to track his or her learning history across any Knewton-powered product throughout his or her educational life.
April 2010 to
April 2014
Kikin, New York, USA (www.kikin.com)
Software Engineer: Created two iOS applications (Objective C), Huge Chrome / IE / Firefox plugin (JavaScript), Modified Android source code (Java) distributed on 200K+ devices, Created JNI libraries (C++), Managed analytics collection and charts (PostgreSQL).
May 2009 to
April 2010
Veodia, San Francisco, USA
Web 2.0 Engineer: Worked on video compression algorithms (C++), A cross-platform native Java libraries (JNI), Video conversion/encoding and Website creation (PHP).
November 2008 to
May 2009
ScreenToaster, Paris, France
Web 2.0 Engineer: Worked on VNCServer and Ffmpeg (C++), development of a MOV encoder (Java) and of the website (PHP).
April 2004 to
October 2008
Alliun, Personal project (www.chat-3d.net)
Designer / Developer: Creation of a 3d virtual world using the language C++ and the libraries OpenGL and Sockets. The server is running under Linux and the website uses PHP.
February 2008 to
August 2008
Infotel, Paris, France (www.infotel.com)
Consultant: Microsoft .NET Consultant (C# / .Net Framework / ASP), Authenticode signing, Vista compatibility.
April 2007 to
August 2007
Infotel, Paris, France (www.infotel.com)
Developer: Development of two web applications using J2EE with Struts Framework and a SOAP (WSDL) service using AXIS.
April 2006 to
September 2007
SepEFREI, EFREI's Junior entreprise ( www.smsp.fr, www.dumont-securite.fr)
Developer: Development of two e-commerce websites using LAMP technologies.
October 2005 to December 2005
Rila, Oxford Street, London (UK) (www.rila.co.uk)
Developer: Creation of multiple websites (PHP) and "Database Redesigning" of the customer databases.
September 2003 to October 2008
EFREI, Paris, France (www.efrei.fr)
Engineering Institute for Information Technology and Business Applications
Master of Science Engineering degree in Information Technology and Management.
October 2000 to
July 2003
Pensionnat de Versailles, Guadeloupe (French West Indies)
A-Levels in Physics
Kikin - Chrome Extension
Kikin's Chrome Extension allows the user to "Long Click" on any text, in any page to get smart results. We decided to port the concept of kikin back to Computers starting with the Chrome Browser. We thought this was a great product and that people would love it because users usually consume more content on their computers than mobile devices.

Work completed on the project:
- Wrote pretty much the whole extension code in JavaScript with jQuery.
- Modified server side code (Java) to add extra features like Twitter or Definitions.
- Created a NPAPI Plugin to tokenize and analyze the selected text (figuring out entites, like names, phone numbers, dates, ...).

Kikin - Integrated in Android's Source Code
Users loved Kikin Browsers for iOS but the fact that it was only an app was limiting kikin's ambitions. We turned our focus to a deeper integration of Kikin in Android. Kikin "Long Press to search" would now be a OS level feature deeply integrated in Android's source code. With the partnership of Vodafone kikin was deployed to more that 200K devices (Samsung, HTC, Lenovo, ...)!

Roles in the project:
- Created the UI for our results bar (a Service in an Android APK).
- Modifying Android to enable kikin in the TextView and WebView components.
- Helping Lenovo's and HTC's teams to integrate our code in their Android's code.
- Building Android source code and flashing it on multiple devices.
- Collecting and reporting and charting Analytics.
- Optimized our Java analytics server and PostgreSQL database to handled 500K requests per day with barely any load.

Kikin - Two apps for iOS
Following fundings, Kikin's focus changed to mobile iOS devices (iPhone/iPod/iPad). Investors believed that kikin would a great user experience on mobile because of the difficulty to select / copy text on these kind of devices. This was our first product featuring the "Long Press to search" feature.
I created two iOS applications (Kikin Browser and Colibri). Both of them feature the "Long Press" technology. The only difference is in the Browser UI. Colibri was made to be more fun / innovative.

Tasks realized on the browsers:
- Wrote most of the code for the two iOS applications Objective C.
- Created a text tokenizer and analyzer that detect and select entities in JavaScript.
- Built a JavaScript library to interface between the Webview and the page.
- Handled collection and reporting of Analytics

ScreenJelly - Online Screen Recording
ScreenJelly is a new version of ScreenToaster that was created after I integrated Veodia's team. The goal was to create a new version of ScreenToaster more focused on sharing (Twitter / Facebook / ...).

Work completed on the project:
- Creating the website in PHP and its database MySQL.
- Modifying ScreenToaster to have a 100% JavaScript UI (used to be Flash).
- Exposing JAVA Applet functions to JavaScript.
- Writing a JNI library to compress screenshots.
- Creating a custom H264 encoder (from scratch) for better compression.

ScreenToaster - Online Screen Recording
ScreenToaster was an online screen recording website. The goal of this project was to simplify as much as possible the complex task of creating a screen recording. ScreenToaster was the first online screen recording software. This software did not require any installation.

What I worked on at ScreenToaster:
- Creating the website and its database (PHP / MySQL).
- Working on improving VNCServer C++ (making it faster and fixing bugs).
- Integrating Ffmpeg for video encoding before upload.
- Modifying Ffmpeg to add extra features.
- Creating a MOV encoder to allow upload of MP4 file to YouTube.

Alliun - 3D Virtual World
A personal project that I worked on while studying at EFREI.
Alliun was a 3D Chat software that allowed you to create a character (picking clothes and their color, customizing haircut, ...) and then chat in a 3D Virtual World (an island).

Interesting things I did:
- Seting up Apache, Php, ... on a dedicated server.
- Creating the whole website in PHP and its database MySQL.
- Offscreen rendering with MESA of 3D Avatars on the server to show on the website.
- Creating Avatars, Clothes, ... with Wings 3D.
- Creating of the virtual world software (C++ / OpengGL).
- Handling communication between client and server thought TCP/IP.
- Wrinting a custom server in C++ to handle communications between clients.

Rila - Databse Redisgning
Rila focuses on a range of core services related to continuing professional development services in medicine, the hospitality industry, online and hardcopy publishing conferences and other bespoke services.
My mission at Rila was to change their 5 websites so that they all access the same customer table (instead of 5 different tables). Allowing a user to sign up once and access all websites with the same login.

My tasks at Rila:
- Unification/Merging of their customer's Database (MySQL).
- Modifying all their PHP websites to access one single customer database.
- Writing a custom PHP interface to help merging user entries.